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General sites

Archives, 19th C. Sampler Collection A collection of eight 19th C. samplers, all embroidered by the same young girl: Elizabeth E. Jacobs from Long Stowe, England STUDY CENTER  Articles - 19th C. Links  - Harper's Bazar - Behind Closed Doors  - Museum Links SPECIAL FEATURES A Victorian Christmas - Victorian Weddings -New!
CNC Centre national du Costume du Canada. Collection de costumes de théâtre Nouveau !
Costume  How to make an Elizabethan Corset By Drea Leed.

Elizabethan Costume Research

Elizabethan Underpinnings

Making a Corset by Seamstress
First Things First--Venetian Underwear Camicias, corsets and bloomers. By Bella Lucia.
Making an Elizabethan Shirt by Tammie Dupuis
The Smock Pattern Generator Enter your measurements and get a custom-fitted smock pattern

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Pictures of 16th Century Costume

Costume Patterns

Basic Pattern Drafting by Tammie Dupuis
Commercial Renaissance/Elizabethan Costume Patterns A thorough listing and review of currently available renaissance patterns.
Custom Corset Pattern Generator - create an Elizabethan corset pattern
Dawn's Costume Guide - Patterns for Elizabethan costume & accessories - Dawn's Pattern for Fitted Breeches
Drafting a custom-fitted Elizabethan Bodice Pattern
Elizabethan and Tudor Costume Patterns (for men & women)
Gored (A-line) Kirtle Pattern
How to Remove Darts from a Pattern by Sarah Goodman
Lorraine Pettit's Sleeve Lorraine pattern
Making an Elizabethan Bodice Pattern, Doublet and Sleeves by Sempstress
Parsimonious Patterns: Gowns and the Patterns that made them by Sempstress
Patterns of Time's Online Pattern store (medieval, renaissance & Elizabethan patterns)
Patterns for Elizabethan Hats and Headwear by Lynn McMasters
Quick & Dirty Trunkhose Pattern
Resizing Historic Patterns
Simplicity's Elizabethan Gown Pattern
Tempus Perigrinator's Sleeve Site How to Draft and make period Sleeve patterns
The Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe pattern review
The Smock Pattern Generator. Drafts a custom-fitted Elizabethan smock
Tudor Bases Pattern (A Tudor Man's pleated skirt)

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Costume Construction

A Demo on Cartridge Pleating by Tammie Dupuis
A Short Tutorial on Cartridge Pleating
Constructing a 16th Century Flemish Outfit
Everything you ever wanted to know about boning with cord by Jen Thompson
How to Make a Shoulder Roll by Saragrace
How to make Basic Trunk Hosen by Anya
Making a Gathered Kirtle
Renaissance Pleating Techniques
Renaissance Tailoring Made Easy: Period Sewing Techniques, by Tammie Dupuis
The Zen of Spiral Lacing How to lace your clothing in a period manner

16th c. Books & Documents on Costume

Boissard's Habitus Variarum Orbis Gentium (Costume of the Various Peoples of the World), pub 1581
Braun & Schneider's HISTORY OF COSTUME (a 19th Century book)
Cesare Vecellio's Habiti Antichi e Moderne (Renaissance Costume)
Du Debvoir des Filles 16th Century Lace Patterns
Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws
Five 16th & 17th century Tailors Books webbed by Tammie Dupuis
Habitus praecipuorum populorum Weigel's 1577 book on the dress of all people
Holinshed's Chronicles: "Of our apparall and attire"
Jost Amman's Frauentrachtenbuch a book of 1570s German womens fashions
Les Femmes Musiciennes 16th c. Female Musicians
Les Singvliers et Novveaux Povrtraicts: A 16th century Lace-making Pattern Book
Mary Tudor's Wardrobe Accounts--Searcheable
New Year's Gifts given to Queen Elizabeth
Stubbes on Fashion: Excerpts from the 1583 Anatomie of Abuses
The Milanese Tailor's Handbook pictures and patterns for 1570s Italian dress

Olde Tudor & Elizabethan Head Shoppe

Beautiful Netting-How to make it A wonderful tutorial on making basic & fancy netting designs for cauls, snoods, etc.
Elizabethan Coifs - photographs, information, coify links, and instructions on making your own!
How to Make a Gable Hood
How to Make a Tudor Flat Cap - Pattern & Instructions
French Hoods: History, Pictures & Construction
Making a Flat Cap
Make a Soft Cap
Making Elizabethan Hats by Sempstress
Millinary by Jane Lowen Now online--a classic book on hat and headdress construction
Photos of Period Hats
Renaissance Hair Taping
16th Century Snoods, Hairnets & Cauls History, Pictures & Construction
The Tudor Gable Hood: History, Pictures and Construction

Color in Lowerclass Elizabethan Clothing
Colors Used in Elizabethan Dress
Fabric Yardages in late 16th C. women's clothing
Finding Time to Sew A phenomenal article on organizing fabric & notions. Changed my life!
Listing of Fabric Yardages for all Elizabethan Garments
16th Century Color Names And their DMC equivalents
The Use of Color in Queen Elizabeth's Garments
The Use of Lower-grade Silks in the Renaissance by Jen Thompson
To Make a Beautiful Color: Period Dyes in the 16th Century
"What Fabric Should I Use?" finding the right fabric for your costume

Elizabethan Dress Accessories

All About Elizabethan Ruffs
An Embroidered blackwork partlet
A Ruff Calculation Calculate the fabric needed for your ruff.
Constructing Elizabethan Ruffs
Elizabethan Accessories: Hats, Shoes, Belts & More
How to Make a Pouch, by Dawn Dupperault
How to Starch an Elizabethan Ruff
Jewelry in Elizabethan England
Lady Alisoun's Closet Reveal'd bags, bone lace, and other beautiful Elizabethan accessories
Making an Elizabethan Partlet
Making an Elizabethan Partlet by Tammie Dupuis
Making an Elizabethan Ruff by Tammie Dupuis
Making a Fan by Sempstress
Making a Pair of Gloves by Franchesca Havas
Patterns for 16th century Tudor Shoes
Ruffmaking 101 by Anya
The Cheapside Hoard: See what the merchants and well-to-do women wore in Elizabethan England
The Ruff Page: How to make an Elizabethan Neck Ruff by Dawn Dupperault
Tying Elizabethan Bows

Costume Detailing and Decoration

A Blackwork Pattern for Jane Seymour's Cuff
A Brief History of Lace in the 1500's
Basics of Elizabethan Costume Detailing
Blackwork Designs from 16th C. Sources
Blackwork Embroidery Archive
Blackwork GalleryA Gallery of 16th c. Paintings showing blackwork embroidery
Bronwen's Blackwork Library Hundreds of blackwork patterns from Italian, English & German sources
Choosing Lace for 16th Century Clothing
Du Debvoir des Filles 16th Century Lace Patterns
Elizabethan Applique: Late 16th Century "Slips"
Elizabethan Embroidery & Blackwork Resources
Fabric Printing In The Renaissance
How to do Holbein/Double Running Stitch A Beginning Blackwork Tutorial
Les Singvliers Et Novveaux Povrtraicts: A 16th century Lace-making Pattern Book
Making Bobbin Lace
Mary Stuart's Embroideries
Metal Thread Embroidery Techniques
Needlelace History & Technique
Photographs of Elizabeth I's embroidered seal purse
16th Century Beadwork From the Medieval Beadwork Page
16th Century Embellishments
16th Century Lace

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The Costume Community: Elizabethan Costuming on the Web

Anya's Documentation Site Anya's site of gown photos, articles on making Elizabethan costume, and more
Clothing in 16th c. Venice Bella Lucia's vast and inspirational site on 16th c. Venetian clothing: portraits and paintings, articles on Venetian clothing, and a gallery of gowns. -
Costumes by Lynn McMasters Photos of many beautiful Elizabethan Gowns, articles on 16th c. Decoration, hat patterns, and more.
Dawn's Costume Guide Dawn's site has articles on how to make everything from Bodices to doublets, a review of patterns, and lots of great info for do-it-yourself Elizabethan costumers. -
Elizabethan Costumes for Manly Men The Auld Garb Monger's instructional site for make-it-yourself Elizabethan menswear.
Elizabethan Lady (The) Research, Costuming and Stories from the Dark Side. Sarah Goodman's dress diaries, costume articles and other Elizabethan costume resources.
Elizabethan Practical Companion (The) Karen Larsdatter's website of 16th century inventories and blackwork/embroidery resources
Historic Costumes by Saragrace A number of lovely German & Flemish outfits and articles on making them
Festive Attyre: Renaissance & Elizabethan Costuming Jen Thompson's wonderful collection of Elizabethan Costume research, resources and photos.
Renaissance Tailor Recreating 16th and 17th century clothing (The) A beautiful site set up by Tammie L. Dupuis, with how-tos on making several Elizabethan garments, 16th century Tailor's pattern books, and much 16th century costume research. -
Seamstrix--Period Costumes for a Modern World Karen Bergquist's Gallery of Elizabethan Costumes and dress diaries -
Sempstress.org--Elizabethan Costuming Missa's useful collection of articles on patterning and dressmaking, a number of dress diaries, and useful tools (including Dial-a-Dress!)


Dress of Other Lands

Celtic Costume of the 16th Century (Scottish & Irish)  
Frazzeled Frau Huge archive of German Dress pics
German 16th C. Women's Costume The Dos and Dont's of correct German womens' dress -
Irish 16th Century Costume
Italian Dress of the late Renaissance (1470-1540) Includes instructions for drafting an early 16th c. Italian bodice
Landesknecht Costume Site: German Tudor costume
Making the Irish Leine
Polish Costume Resource Pag
Poulet Gauche:Costumes de la période élizabetaine, en France. French Elizabethan Costume
15th and 16th century Gypsy Costume
16th Century Clothing in Venice
16th Century North African Womens' Dress Andalusian & Maghribi
Woodcuts of Landesknecht Dress
Zaynib Yasmine: A 16th Century Turkish lady's ensemble

Costuming Sources & Supplies

Books on Elizabethan Costume: An annotated list of sources
Elizabethan Merchants: If you don't want to sew it, buy it! A list of retail sources for 16th century costumes and costume accessories.
Mail-Order Costuming Supplies: Boning, linen, silk, patterns, accessories & more.

Speake Thy Minde

Costuming Tips & Tricks: Add your Own!
Historic Costume BBS
Sign the Guestbook  

The Elizabethan World  

Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge
Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth
Tudor History Site

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