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Want to see new sites? Have a look on our french "cross stitch" page with english translation!
American Folk Arts - Cross stitch designs. Needlework supplies. Online Hardanger stitch diagrams. (USA) Hardanger lessons - Band Sampler - Stitching Dictionary
Counted Cross Stitch Counted Cross Stitch Tutorial 1. Selecting the Fabric - Aida vs. Evenweaves/Linen - 2. Selecting the Floss/Thread/Fiber - 3. Selecting the Needle - 4. Setting the Floss Color - 5. Preparing the Fabric - 6. Hoop or Hand? - 7. Thread Length - 8. Number of Strands to Use - 9. Where to Start Stitching - 10. How to Start the Thread - 11. Making the X - 12. Fractional Stitches - 13. Carrying Threads Over - 14. How to End the Thread - 15. Backstitching - 16. Preventing Twists and Knots 16.1 Railroading 16.2 Laying Tools - 17. Where Am I? - 18. Stitching On Linens and Other Evenweaves - 19. Stitching Over One - 20. Tweeding - 21. Using Variegated Floss - 22. French Knots - 23. Beads - 24. Signing and Dating - 25. Cleaning and Storing - 26. Soft Hands - 27. Mounting, Matting and Framing - 28. Changing Skin and Hair Tones - 29. Stitching on Other Backgrounds 29.1 Silk Gauze 29.2 Waste Canvas - 30. Equipment 30.1 Needles 30.2 Hoops, Scroll Bars and Such 30.3 Magnifiers and Lamps - 31. The Debates 31.1 Warp and Weft and Why and Why Not 31.2 The Right Side of the Linen 31.3 The Right End of the Floss - 32. The Amount of Floss for Cross Stitch - - - -Other Needlework FAQs Stitching and Embroidery Techniques - Fabric - Threads, Fibers, Embellishments - Competitions, Selling Designs or Needlework Online Gadgets "How Much Fabric" Calculator - "What Fabric Count" Calculator -New!
Handicrafting With Teresa - Beginning instructions for cross stitch, crochet, embroidery, knitting, sewing, and quilting.
Needlework Tips and tricks Stitches The Colonial Knot , a Substitute for the French Knot * How to Do Partial Stitches * Partial Stitches and Stitching "Over One" on Aida - Techniques and How-Tos * Making the Back of the Work Look as Good as the Front * How to Make Your Fabric Flat * How to Mount Fabric on a Scroll Frame * Selvage and Needlework Fabric * Quickie Christmas Ornaments * How to Make Twisted Cord * How to Make Tassels * How to Railroad * How to Use a Laying Tool * How to Reduce Knots and Tangles in Your Work * How to Thread Your Needle so You Stitch with the Grain of the Floss * Perforated Paper Techniques * Working on Linen * Hints for Duplicate Stitch * How to Deal with Isolated Stitches * Stitching Grid Lines on Fabric * Setting Dye and Pre-Rinsing Floss * Tea- and Coffee-Dyeing Floss and Fabric - Stitchers' Ailments * How to Make a Warm Pack for tension relief * How to Make a Cold Pack for pain relief * Repetitive Stress Injuries and Stitching - Finding Particular Kinds of Charts * Books with Celtic Cross Stitch Designs * How to Find a Chart, including out-of-print charts - Finishing, Washing, Blocking, Etc. * How to Finish a Bellpull * How to Finish the Back of an Afghan * How to Cover a Sphere with Fabric * How to Finish Quickie Christmas Ornaments * How to Finish the Edge of a Needlepoint Canvas to Be Made into a Pillow, by Rhea Stewart * Removing Stains on Needlework * Washing and Blocking Your Finished Work * Orvus, Ivory, and Other Cleaning Agents for Needlework * What "United Inches" Means in Framing * How to Finish More Projects - Stitching Equipment and Gadgets * My Substitute for a Dazor Lamp (better and cheaper) * A Light for Stitching Aboard a Boat/RV * Portable Magnification for Stitching - Stitching Materials * About DMC's Color Changes and the "Dots" Before/After/Around Numbers * What a "Fat Quarter" and "Fat Half" Are * What Unevenweave Means, including which numbers indicate warp and weft threads - Information You Might Need for Customization of Designs * Jewels and Flowers Associated with Birth Months * Jewels and Metals Associated with Anniversaries * Ornaments for a Bride's Gift * Traditional Chores for Days of the Week, along with a revised version for stitchers * The Victorian Language of Flowers - Information Pertaining to Stitching Organizations and Festivals * About Attending Classes at a Stitching Festival * How to Enjoy A Stitch Festival When You Can't Stay On Your Feet for Long Periods of Time, or, Scooters to the Rescue! - About Nametags for EGA -New!
Piko's Cross Stitch Garden - Stitching instructions and links (in Japanese) and free charts (in English). (Japan)
Stefania's Corner - English and Italian versions of site have free charts, a guide to reversible cross stitch, a picture gallery, and the Italian translation of my Counted Cross Stitch Tutorial. (Italy) Tutorials
Webstitch Designwest Johanna's Needlework Stitches. Stitch Diagrams * Outline or Straight Stitches 1. Running Stitch - 2. Double Running Stitch - 3. Back Stitch - 4. Cable Stitch - 5. Turkey Stitch - 6. Stem Stitch - 7. Outline Stitch - 8. Split Stitch - 9. Chain Stitch - 10. Couching Stitch - 11. Couching Stitch2 - * Hem, Border, and Edging Stitches 1. Button Hole Stitch - 2. Blanket Stitch - 3. Hem Stitch - 4. Hem Stitch2 - 5. Feather Stitch

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Portuguese Ponto Cruz avesso perfeito com Josi Pereira 2º aula (A perfect cross stitch)
Italian Il punto croce con retro perfetto (basic rules of cross stitch) -

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